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Mina and Lucy Correspond

Dracula Chapter 5

I was dreading this chapter. It introduces a set of characters with the two young women Mina and Lucy corresponding with each other. Other than that nothing much happens, it's a set up. It introduces Mina Harker (née Murray )mentioned in Johnathan Harkers journal, Lucy Westenra, Arthur Holmwood, Doctor John Seward and Quincy P. Morris.

The trouble with drawing chapter by chapter is that subsequent chapters may introduce elements that I do not know yet. For instance 'Arthur has an eye patch' which might be mentioned in chapter eight. He doesn't but a lesser known text might throw such an illustration spanner in the works.

An under drawing was needed to work out the composition. I'm not totally sure but there is mention of a third suitor (what's Lucy playing at!) and a suggestion that it might be the Count?

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