Monday, 26 August 2019

Bank Holiday Drawing

Today's drawing started out as a nice neat drawing done in the park on a Bank Holiday Monday after a quick run. Got home and kept working on it, whited out most of what I'd done  and redrew adding more black ink and then white ink with dip pens and brushes and got really frustrated with it. Ended up stripping the ink off with a diluted solution of bleach and started to redraw over what was left. Not a great way to spend a day off really.

Above are the pages before I started with the bleach. I really should have stopped at the second redraw before the big brushy ink fest.

Sunday, 4 August 2019

'Happy Accident' With Bleach

Sunday morning sketching in the park with dip pen and Indian ink.

Back at home I tried applying a blue Winsor & Newton ink to describe the shadows a bit more. Totally failed and it ruined the drawing. Decided to use diluted bleach and a two inch decorators brush to remove the blue ink. Which it did. Smudged the drawing though, giving me the lovely mid tone grey background. No photos of this stage as it was all a bit of a panic but I do like the effect.

I used white ink to paint the 'light' through trees back in.


You can see my doodlebook cheap ink and bleach escapades over on my Twitter and Instagram account.

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Squintting at Trees

I used my extra long nib holder (referred to as 'stick' in the text) to prevent my sweaty palm making the sketchbook paper damp, in this accursed hot weather we're having of late. Three times the movement of leaves in the breeze caught the corner of my eye, too big to be a squirrel.

The texture in the panel backgrounds is from me playing with bleach on the succeeding pages. Unintentional but nice enough to keep.