Saturday, 27 October 2018

The Forgetful Thing I Am

Inktober 2018 Day 27

So this Pressario C700 laptop is old. I bought it in 2009 for £400. 2GB of RAM, 1280 x 800 screen resolution 1.83GHz Processor, Windows Vista pre installed. PC World saw me coming. The battery now holds about 20 minutes of charge. Vista was always slow and after a few years the machine was soon unusable, unable to run a basic browser without hassle, I don't like throwing things away so it lived in the 'Council Dump Recycling Box' in my cellar for a few more years, waiting for its inevitable crunchy end at a recycling plant.

That is until last year when I managed to get Ubuntu 16.04LTS installed and working on it. It didn't solve everything but it did get the computer up and running enough when plugged in so that I could store and play music, stream Youtube videos and play DVD's without problems. The sort of stuff that's useful in the kitchen when I'm cooking, and I've been very happy doing that.

An update message told me Ubuntu 18.04LTS is now available and would I like to install it. I like to keep my systems up to date if I can so went ahead. Long story short, it slowed the machine right down to Vista levels of performance, the most irksome thing was the boot time went up to around five minutes. I'm not that much into computers, I know enough to be dangerous and the idea of trouble shooting the problem (which was probably processor related anyway) filled me with dread. OS rollback time.

Before I got into all this I had started running a bath upstairs thinking, it'll only take me a minute to get the downloads started, I could go back upstairs, do my thing and  come down ahead of the update game. As soon as I sat in front of the computer I forgot all about what was happening upstairs. The bath didn't over flow... much. I caught it in time, the jolt of remembering there's a bath running was refreshing to my heart.

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