Sunday, 29 July 2018

Soaking Spines

Went running this morning. Work and the heatwave over the UK  at the moment means I not getting out as mush as I would like. We have had rain in the North which has been very welcome. This mornings run around the park started out okay but by the end I was drenched. I sought cover in the bushes and under trees to do today's sketch but water was soon trickling down my spine.

I use sketchbooks made by Seawhite of Brighton. They are very good at taking the weather and I highly recommend them. The paper is 'sized' and take ink very well, I think that also helps when the paper gets soaked. I usually put a sheet of copier paper in-between the pages I'm working on (to stop ink transference) and place a large weight on top of the closed sketchbook so that the pages dry flat. Some times you get a crease but that's all part of the process.

I'm still using Pilot Paralell Pens but worry about relying on them for effect. I set out this morning with a Lamy Vista fountain pen which was okay even if the ink was washing off as quickly as I was drawing with it. Back home I went over the sketch with the Paralell Pen, watecolour, white pencil, ink and coffee.

Somewhere along the way I picked up a tiny hitch-hiker.