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Hail and Sunshine

Drawing in the Park with a dip pen and ink. Got so far before the hail hit, finished off the inking and colouring back at home.

Drawing and Thinking

When I'm concentrating on a drawing I cant help but contemplate what else is going on in my life. I thought my 'quarry' work was behind me. Paid illustration has been scarce of late and temping in a warehouse has been a way of generating a little bit income. It's a totally different world to being freelance and nine miles away up some very steep hills.

I used a toothbrush and ink to create the splatter effect, masking out the area where I wanted the writing to go. Feels like I threw every technique I know onto these pages.

Drawing In Public Experiment

Today was a day for running around the park to keep my fitness level up. It's a nice day, not too cold and the sun breaks cloud now and then. Some places are slippery with mud but I manage to get around most of the parks callisthenic exercise points.
Someone on Twitter recently asked if I get bothered by inquisitive people when I draw outside. I tend to creep around areas that are away from the main footpaths, looking for something interesting to draw. I use my run as a way to check out what's what and then return and draw it afterwards. I've been drawing in my sketchbook regularly since October 2017 and the amount of people I've said hello to has been tiny, I think maybe two people have approached me to see what I was up too. I really don't mind it, I spend far too much time by myself so any human interaction is welcome at this stage.
Today's experiment was to draw somewhere in the park that was a bit more public than my usual lurking around in the bushes, I …

In search of chocolate

Legend tells of a Supermarket in Wakefield that sells food and quality continental chocolate at reasonable prices. I've walked from Agbrigg to Aldi (Kettlethorp?) a few times over the years. I don't drive and it is difficult cycling hills and busy dual carriage way so walking is sometimes the best way to get there. The best way during the summer months maybe. Recent snow and rainfall have made the fields very muddy for normal footwear. I've got a good pair of boots so it's just an annoyance getting messy. I managed to rinse off most of the mud in a big puddle before I went traipsing around the shop.  

Had to redraw one of the boots, it came out huge compared to the first one. I didn't notice until I finished the line work. I whited out the big boot with FW white acrylic ink and had another go. The ink isn't totally opaque so there is a ghost residue of the covered drawing. I like that effect.

Style Over Substance

Walked through Belle Vue Cemetery on my way to Sainsbury's today. Even though we had a bit of snow in the night there is definitely a Spring feeling to the day. Regretting layering up to go outside, I was sweating uncomfortably on the journey home.
I've been wavering recently over my use of the Parallel Pen. Drawing exclusively with it since last October it felt like my mark making was becoming style over substance. I have spent the last few weeks trying other pens like the Lamy Vista  and the Platinum Carbon Pen. Doodling with them was fine  although the thought that I was taking a step backwards kept rearing it's ugly little voice. Coincidently, today the illustrator Jeffrey Alan Love Tweetedabout sketchbooks and I think what he had to say about finding your style struck a chord with me (and the distinction between sketchbook and finished work).
I've written before about how I do draw better with some pens than I do others (and how that goes against popular thinking…