Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Running, Drawing, Taking Notes

I spotted a small patch of Snow Drops in the park today and then promptly set about drawing another broken, gnarly tree. This got me thinking that Spring is there waiting to do its thing.

I use my phone to take reference photos. I aim to do 80% of the sketchbook drawing on site and a photo is good for referring back to what I was drawing. It also provides me with the time that I started the drawing which is part of my documentation style. Doing the writing back at home just makes for a neater hand for the reader and I can check my atrocious spelling.

If a particular thought occurs to me as I run around the park beforehand then I make a digital note, not worrying too much if it makes sense. Sometimes auto correct is a pain (deadest > dearest). Its a good way of me remembering as I would never recall the phrase or intention by the time I get home.