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Sunday's Sketchbook Ramblings

Usually a creature will fly, scurry or float through the scene I've chosen to draw, too quick for me to recreate it on the page. I'm enjoying adding 'patches' into my sketchbook drawings.

Summer Sketchbook

I did most of  the line work sat in the wilting heat of the day. Added colour and crow patch in the cool of my kitchen back at home. Crows were about in the park while I was there cawing, loudly above me so I really wanted to include one, I didn't have the will power or sun skin protection to draw one on site at the time.

Long Division 2018 Sketchbook

Finally finished the dust jacket to the Long Division 2018 Sketchbook. Here's a quick flip through.

The dust jacket cover comes from a larger image in pen and ink and Photoshop...

Long Division Festival 2018

I spent the festival wandering around various venues with my sketchbook making quick drawings of the crowds and performers. There was plenty going on and I feel like I didn't do nearly enough drawing, the pubs were standing room only with no space to swing a pen. Which is good for Wakefield's coffers. The Cathedral on Saturday looked amazing hosting bands, I hope it does it again.

Long Division 2018

Cafe Drawing

I have a small exhibition of previous work on display at Mr & Mrs C's Cafe as part of the May Wakefield Art Walk. On the night, I caught up with a few people I've not see in awhile and managed to get a spot of cafe drawing in to boot.

Sunday Drawing in the Park (Again)

This mornings drawing started out as an attempt at an open line drawing, letting the water colour do all the work.

I got so far and wasn't happy with the results so decided to go back in and add some mark making with the Parallel Pen. It make things on the page look solid and I like the marks it makes, I feel it brings my drawing alive.

And this is what I used as my 'easel'...

Park Drawing

I had a go at colouring the drawing in Photoshop, trying to capture those bright flashes through branches that happen occasionally on sunny days in England.

Long Division Five Album Cover

I'll be Drawing the Crowds* at this years Long Division music festival 2nd May. As a warm up to the festival hte organisers have released an an album featuring some of the musical talent involved. You can download a copy, available as 'Pay What You Want' in aid of Wakefield Samaritans over on Bandcamp.

The only other cover I've done was for Nik Kershaw for his No Frills album.

*Literally, drawing the crowds of people attending the festival trying to capture the mood and atmosphere of the weekend with my drawings.

Burt Gummer on Arrakis

I see there is a new Tremors movie out, set in the Arctic.
Got me thinking about the inevitable destination for the franchise. Burt Gummer on Arrakis.


One of those hashtag things on twitter, name four films that have stuck with you for whatever reason over the years. In no particular order mine are...

There is a longer list of films I really like (Fight Club, Mad Max, Prometheus, Predator, Donnie Darko, The Fountain etc. and recently Split and Logan) but the ones that have had a lasting effect on me for whatever reason, they are the formative films of my youth. I don’t necessarily have to watch them again and if I did they might not live up to my nostalgic memory of them. Saying that it is easier to watch old films, last year I watched fairly good copies of The Medusa Touch and Captain Kronos on the internet and they have stood the test of time.
#FilmStuck4 #TheKeep #DocSavage #TheMedusaTouch #CaptainKronos

Thoughts Behind Character Design

Easter Sunday was spent doing a bit of character concept design. I've got a script for a ten page comic strip by my friend Noel Hannan on my desk but before I set about doing layouts I want to get into the main character Chuffin' Billy (the author gives a little more over on Facebook).

There's a lot of well trodden paths I could go down with a steam driven war robot , a lot of them ending up at the door of 2000ADcomic characters. Then there's Star Wars with their various robot like Stormtroopers and droid characters (K-2SO for example). A quick search for World War 1 armour brings up some wonderful and weird looking designs. In this age of CGI ultra realism I'm channelling DC Thompson characters Desperate Dan and Brassneck.

A selection of sketchbook doodles done while looking at the internet and thinking about where the character could go. I'm being vague about the nature of the comic strip in case I curse it before it's even started.

I used Photoshop to sk…