Sunday, 1 October 2017

What Catches My Eye?

Inktober is here. I'm not following the official prompts, using it more as an excuse to join in with a larger community to do something creative for the next month. In previous years I've tried doing comic strips, daily images, and longer story cut out illustration. This year I'm going for observational drawing outside. That's my challenge.

In an effort to draw something awesome for the first day I set out around town looking for that 'special scene', something architectural even though all I feel confident at drawing is trees at the moment. After an hour on my feet I ended up walking home, telling myself it's okay to fall back on my emergency drawing spot which is Belle Vue Graveyard.

Making a slight detour avoiding people on the bridge over the River Calder and using the bridge to The Hepworth, that's where something to draw caught my eye. It's hard to say why something inspires you to draw. Maybe there was a subconscious pressure to 'perform' walking around town and when I had given myself permission to go home, I was relaxed enough to see the possibilities?

Anyway, midday I'm stood on the bridge over to The Hepworth Gallery drawing bits of boats as a warm up. In my mind I'm already building the pressure again, the main drawing has to be spectacular. A double page spread of observational prowess and fantastic drawing technique.

When I started on the BIG drawing it wasn't fantastic at all, it was terrible. I pencilled out proportions (which was a mistake) and as soon as I started to ink I could tell the drawing was dead in the water. My warm up sketches were more enjoyable to do and as finished drawings more competent  than what I setting out to dazzle with. So, I scrapped the big drawing, I'm in public and drawing performance anxiety is setting in. I've been here before (and will probably be here again) so for now it's time to learn from the experience, pack up and move on.

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