Drawing in a cemetery

I was hear last Monday. A bit of the graveyard behind St. James Church on Denby Dale Road. It's cold today. I went running earlier but then had a cup of coffee and a mince pie at the supermarket further up the road, which warmed me up enough to go drawing for an hour at  the Church.

I felt a bit conspicuous, never sure if other people see it as disrespectful to draw in a cemetery. I know as a kid grave rubbing was highly frowned upon. Anyway. Just me. And the birds, and a dog barking, and men hammering away on an extension on a house nearby. And the trains trundling by. It's really close to train tracks.


Terry said…
I thought I'd leave a comment just to prove there are people reading your blog and enjoying your drawings. Thank you!
And if I'm allowed a question, what ink do you use in your Pilot pen?
john w said…
Hi Terry, Thanks for the comments. I use Platinum Carbon Ink in the Parallel Pen, non clogging and it's waterproof too.


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