Monday, 10 July 2017

Some pens are better than others

I'm probably going against the grain with popular artistic drawing practice but I definitely draw better with some pens than I do others. And after 35 years of drawing as an amateur, enthusiast and professional I can’t answer why. Here's a gun slinging mouse drawn with a variety of pens...

It used to be Dip Pens that I used with confidence. Over the past year life and work have changed direction and slowly the confident use of the dip pen has dissolved. The Pilot Parallel Pen has stepped up to replace the dip pens. Why does this matter, surely an artist can use anything to create. They can, although it’s the tool that enables me to express my ideas the simplest. The only thing I struggle with is the continuous refilling of the pen with Carbon Pen ink.

This may all change when I wake up tomorrow.

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Peter Whitehead said...

Hello there! You might have tried this already, but re. refilling one option is to convert the Parallel Pen into an inkdropper pen with a bit of silicon grease on the threads to keep it ink-tight. I've tried it with Noodler's Bulletproof and it easily kept its seal, but for some reason the Noodler's had the habit of running really wet and eventually dripping out of the feed itself - the consistency is probably more runny than the ink Pilot supplies. I haven't tried it with Carbon Ink (my last bottle I dropped in a terrifying incident that destroyed my old laptop!) but I would imagine this will work.

I only came across your Twitter feed today and have really enjoyed looking at your work.

All best,