Sunday, 11 June 2017

Vintage Nib Test Drive

Vintage shop emporium Eyewood in Wakefield gave me a couple of boxes of vintage pen nibs that they picked up in Bruge for a few Euros, they were happy for them to go to a good home.

The Perry & Co No. 227 (EF) Nibs are brilliant dip pen nibs. Fine lines and flexible enough for broad strokes giving it a good range of ink mark making abilities.

Heintze & Blanckertz LY 6 95 nibs, these look different to most dip nibs with 3 vent holes punched along the shank and the tip is angled more for calligraphy than drawing. I thought these were just old nibs and surface corrosion was interfering with the ink flow. I persevered and struggled with them only after researching a little further, it turns out these are left handed nibs. I had a quick scribble using my left hand and they do work although it feels like patting my head and rubbing my belly with a huge serving of lack of coordination jelly.

It's very rare to get something for nothing in this world so a big thank you to Robin and Natalie at Eyewood, seriously this is a life times supply of pen nibs.