Monday, 8 May 2017

Sketchbook Scenes from
'To The Stars By The Hard Ways'

So I came across this Russian film on Youtube, via a music video which recommended that I watch Ran by Future Islands next, which I did. From their I was intrigued by a thumbnail for a track called 'Like The Moon' which someone had made an unofficial video for. I liked the imagery, wasn't sure whether it was old ‘old’ or modern, filmed in the style of an old movie but liked it enough to follow the link. The film has a few titles and has had several releases over the years. I'm going with 'To The Stars By The Hard Ways (1981/2001)' and yes, it is bonkers (inflatable robots, rainwear capes as everyday clothing etc), considering Star Wars was well in the world at this point it was a throw back to the cardboard SFX ‘outer space’ films of the 70′s.

For all its low budget Sci-Fi imagery it has a serious eco warning in that all the pictures of the dying planet Dessa were filmed here, on Earth.

Per Aspera Ad Astra (1981), Richard Viktorov, with English subtitles

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