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Drawing The 13th Doctor...

There is a new season of Doctor Who airing at the moment. Season 10 featuring the 12th incarnation of the time lord. There is speculation afoot about who will replace Peter Capaldi's interpretation of the character. I don't really know that much about the Whoniverse ( I've only been watching the programme for 40 years) but there is a call by some fans for a complete shake up of the Doctor's world. In the mini webisode Night Of The Doctor there is a regeneration scene that suggests that the Doc can choose who he regenerates into, young or old, man or woman. I personally believe it's time for him to experience something other than being a posh, white fellow.
Above are a few intermediate colouring stages done using Photoshop. The original A4 ink drawing was scanned in Black and White at 1200dpi which meant I could resize it to A3 when I started the colouring process.

I did a few quick doodles and obviously got into the idea of a woman Doctor Who, this is all just for …

Worst Sketchbook Ever

A quick flip through of a recent doodle book I've struggled with. The paper, although indicated as for use with ink is super absorbent and smells of wet cardboard. Certain pens worked better than others, Unipin fine liners and Pental Brush Pens for instance but the abrasive tooth of the paper soon wore away the pen tip fibres. Pilot Parallel Pens also worked okay but again, the paper literally sucked the ink out of the pen making this an expensive exercise in pen refilling. Dip pens were okay with acrylic drawing inks, anything else just bled in to the paper fibres. Because I draw so much I persevered with the sketchbook but really am looking forward to getting back to something (Seawhite) I can rely on and like using.