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Those Naughty Squirrels


Anti-Gravity Man

Sketchbook drawing coloured in Photoshop.

Braindead X-Ray

I know nothing about US political shenanigans really, apart from what I've seen on the series Braindead. For me it has been the most consistently entertaining series this year with it's tale of invading alien ants and conniving, time wasting politicians.

In reality, I suspect that politicians both UK and US, are already infected and that Braindead is indeed a documentary.



Permitted Planet Trailer Pages

Making A Short three Page Comic Strip
I was recently asked by a writer friend to do the artwork for a graphic novel trailer entitled Permitted Planet. At this point there is no money involved so wanted to balance my input and resources with potential future employment on the project.

As always it starts with a…

The initial script needed a bit of script wrangling. That is breaking it down from a stream of words and arranging them into pages and panels. I had broken tasks down mentally. A day for Layouts. A day for inking. A day for colouring and a day for lettering.  I tend to procrastinate too much over jobs so the schedule is not unrealistic bit a bit 'tighter' than I would have liked. I went through page by page usually using the dialogue to decide panels size and page breaks. I had permission from the writer to add/delete bits of his writing to make it work, which I did have to do.
Quick Thumbnails

Really rough layouts, drawn in red marker pen.

No time for research &am…