Sunday, 28 August 2016

Jeremy's Empty Box

"Jeremy's Empty Box"
I like Jeremy Corbyn's politics. From what I’ve seen he genuinely wants to make this country a better place to live. I guess most politicians can be accused of wanting that, accused of wanting a better place to live. In Jeremy's case it's for the majority, in the establishments well... its for the select few. Being an artist for nearly three decades, I earn very little compared to most. Compared to most I'm below the poverty line because I decided to follow my dreams and do the one thing that I was any good at. I go on struggling in an ever shrinking industry because artists have to trust in themselves, in their abilities and experience and then have the gall to charge money for it. In the name of art I have sacrificed property (I rent), transport (cant’ afford a car), social mobility (who lives up North any way?) and children (not sure if cats count?).

It’s a rigged system. While Labour fight between themselves they are not holding the opposing party to account. While the media rage about Corbyn's Virgin train fiasco the government ushers the bill of human rights out by the back door. I suspect this is to stop the opposition spent on people complaining about their lot in life, so that corporations can be more ‘competitive’ and that eventually compulsory military conscription can be introduced to you know, make other parts of the world a better place to live.

It seems that Labour are trying any method conceivable to oust their elected leader, to bring them back in line with New Labour and get on with making a mint from the working classes. Tory or Conservative, it’s difficult to know who to vote for these days?

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jan said...

A box of dreams?.........hope it's not only that. I'm holding on to not being cynical; but it's hard at my age, not to be. Am glad Corbyn's rattling the cage some. Am glad he's getting people engaged in politics....especially young people. I hope change comes; for all of us.