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Jeremy's Empty Box

"Jeremy's Empty Box" I like Jeremy Corbyn's politics. From what I’ve seen he genuinely wants to make this country a better place to live. I guess most politicians can be accused of wanting that, accused of wanting a better place to live. In Jeremy's case it's for the majority, in the establishments well... its for the select few. Being an artist for nearly three decades, I earn very little compared to most. Compared to most I'm below the poverty line because I decided to follow my dreams and do the one thing that I was any good at. I go on struggling in an ever shrinking industry because artists have to trust in themselves, in their abilities and experience and then have the gall to charge money for it. In the name of art I have sacrificed property (I rent), transport (cant’ afford a car), social mobility (who lives up North any way?) and children (not sure if cats count?).
It’s a rigged system. While Labour fight between themselves they are not holding the…

Holbeck Hand Drawn Map

Last week was spent on a Holbeck map commission. Like a lot of areas around here in West Yorkshire, Holbeck has seen better days. Evidence of it's glorious past is still there in the amazing buildings that are dotted around the area. Recent events in Holbeck haven't been kind or publicised so it's good that the theatre company Slung Low are doing something positive for the area. Tours of Holbeck are planned, guided by storytelling lampposts, find out more here... and here.