Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Sketchbook Diary (Wheat Free)

Above is a sketchbook page writing and doodling about everything and nothing in particular. The weather and life in Wakefield has all been a bit chaotic this week. All at once, spring weather introduced thunder and hail showers powerful enough to cause flooding in the house and cellar. Gutters backed up with ice, forcing water where water shouldn't be forced, under the eaves.

The mad weather has been combined with discovering last week that I am now wheat intolerant, which had been giving me intense migraines and stomach upsets over the past six weeks. I was eliminating foods that I thought could be causing the symptoms, cheese, chocolate, wine, coffee etc, until I hit on wheat. Within 48 hours I was feeling so much better.

(NB. It's now November 2016 and I feel a lot better, I still get occasional headaches and upset stomachs but can usually trace them back to bad diet and stress triggers. I do eat wheat but nowhere near the quantities I once was. I think I was just overdosing on wheat and wheat based products.)

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johnweldingillustrator said...

Although this sounds terrible it also means I know what's wrong and what can be fixed.