Thursday, 21 January 2016

Drawing Digitally

Digital doodles with Kyle Webster brushes for Photoshop. I went for the Megapack containing 150+ brushes including the (Quentin) Blake brush, the line work for this doodle was rendered with it. The brushes are great and give a wide range of natural feeling marks and strokes. 

Every now and then I give digital drawing a go and every time I go back to traditional pen and ink. When I was younger, drawing for long periods of time gave me knuckle ache in my drawing right hand, I put it down to trying to draw in a particular style and literally suffering for comic art. I learnt over time to relax and draw in a way that I enjoyed and I haven't had achy knuckles since. I hadn't thought about this until I realised that drawing The Revenant and this Freefaller doodle I had developed a nagging ache in my right shoulder. I'm holding my posture in a particular way when drawing with a tablet, pen and monitor to accommodate the various angles, angles that come naturally with pen and ink.