Monday, 28 September 2015

Illustrations for David Chappell's
book 'The Great Marquess'

Chantry Chapel

Mary Bolles Water Tower
Old Hall, Heath
Sandal Castle

Illustrations for  David Chappell's forth coming ebook 'The Great Marquess'. David lived in the area of Wakefield where I now live and contacted me asking if I would be interested  in illustrating his book. I said yes because after spending so long working inside on the Young Waterton comic strip the thought of getting some fresh air and a bit of door step exploring appealed to me a lot.

David wanted specific scenes for his fantasy novel so it took a bit of research for Old Hall, Heath was demolished (and later) rebuilt and Sandal Castle is all but a ruin now. Chantry Chapel and Mary Bolles Water Tower are still standing so they were fairly easy to photograph for reference.

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