Father Clifford Design Doodles

Character doodles for the role of Father Clifford, one of Charles Waterton's early mentors at Stonyhurst College 1796 (ish). The drawing on the left seems a bit rakish so I'm going with the one on the right, he's a bit more fatherly and willing to help the distracted young Waterton find his true calling.

As I was penciling Father Clifford's first appearance, he was coming across as young and swarthy. The trendy new teacher in the school staff room and looking like a villain which is the opposite of what his character in Waterton's story is meant to be.

I played around, the only direction I had was '...a bit Derek Jacobi looking'. The blackness of the pencil and brush marks in his vigorously coiffed hair make him look younger where what he needs is a bit more shorter grey/white to signify his age a bit more. Which is why Top Right works for me.


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