Sunday, 7 June 2015

Waterton Comic Page two

Artwork Copyright © John Welding 2015

Pretty much the finished page two for the Young Waterton Comic Strip. I feel it needs a few bits and pieces adding to it. Maybe a hint of Walton Hall in the background in the first panel. Waterton's sister going "No, no, no!" in panel Seven. Waterton saying "Ow! and "Bleurgh, Mustard!" in panels 10 and 11. That sort of thing. I'm my own worst editor sometimes although it is good to look at these things with different hats on.

Just to mention that the Waterton Comic strips have been written by John Whitaker, Curator at Wakefield Museum.

Note: Tudhoe (County Durham, Northern England) still exists today, although it seems to have been superseded in popularity by it's neighbour Spennymoor. I couldn't find reference for  the school circa 1792 that was there when Waterton was a small boy and so went for the vague long-shot.

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