Waterton Drawing and Reference Shots

I spent the morning inking a few panels. I struggled on the next half of the page, there are two large panels that have to convey a lot of information and I had particular images in mind. I got my camera and tripod out and did a bit of Waterton, feverish with the 'Black Vomit', roll playing, I also became his brother behind him and a boatman behind the brother. I 'comped' them together in Photoshop and Pixlr on my phone with some of my Waterton Hall photographs, and bird and boat pulley reference I found on the internet. I knew at the very least I wanted expressive hands and and a delirious, up the nose shot of Charles Waterton.

I am not trying for photo realism in any way, my drawing just isn't that way inclined but I did find it helpful for the complicated panel compositions needed for the storytelling.


Staz Johnson said…
Simply brilliant John. That second panel has an almost 'Mignola' feel to it.. & that's as high a piece of praise as I can give anything!
John Welding said…
Thank you Staz. I am really looking forward to seeing your take on Waterton's tales in the near future.

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