New Light Box

This morning, pen testing and character design using a swiftly delivered A3 Minisun LightPad. For years I've made do with cumbersome, home made light boxes.

The Minisun LightPad works well and may even be a little too bright with plain sheets of 100gsm copier paper. I've read on-line of illustrators using 300gsm watercolour paper with this thing and having no problem seeing the under drawing. There's an in-line switch on the power cable - very handy, no more crawling under the table to switch lamps on and off.

My old 'light box' set up was an old desk lamp under a picture frame, perspex sheet and a salvaged drawing board stand. It worked okay but meant clearing an A2 size space to use it. Light was uneven and not that bright away from the middle.

Toast/coffee, comfy jeans, light pad, preparing for a drawing project. I'm happier than I deserve to be.


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