Hairy Houdini

This was one of those ideas that just 'came to me' and I regretted it not long after starting it. I had been watching the Houdini mini series and saw a promotional photo and thought 'It should be a werewolf tied up with those chains'. The period cops just seemed right for it. This also tied in with my desire to use PhotoShop again as I've been doing a lot of pen and ink work of late...

Started out with the fore ground figures, you can see the reference photo top right. I drew freehand for most of the image but did trace the chains, it/I needed the 'chainy' feel to make the Lycanthrope feel trapped and imprisoned. 

You can see from these screen grabs the sketch in the background and the digital inking with an Intuos 4 M pen tablet over the top.

Lots of little pen marks in black and some in white. This is where the regret and aching knuckles from drawing come in, it was taking too long.

The trick is to get the density of the hatching right.
The darkness of the coats acts as a frame for other things in  the picture.

After the line comes the the colour flats. I've talked about these before. Along with saving selections you can control colour areas of the image. I wanted the chains to stand out and colouring by hand in-between those tiny links would have driven me crazy. So from an early stage I kept a Saved Selection dedicated just for them.

Line work over the top of the colour flats.

I start to add in textures.
Those flats and selection make it easy to erase/alter areas that I want to change.

Colour hues and lighting effects, not wanting the image to get too dark.
Lettering starts to appear, I think the font is Komika Text.

Close up of the final image with a faint colour half-tone filter effect over the top to give it a photo printed feel. The gag is the cops have all been scratched in apprehending our furry fiend and will probably be joining him when next the moon turns full.


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