Sunday, 3 August 2014

Beyond the Border Storytelling Festival 2014

I recently took my sketchbook and pens to Beyond the Borders Storytelling Festival at
St. Donats Castle and Arts Centre in Wales, 4th -6th July 2014.

I made drawings and notes in situ over the weekend from the performances I saw and compiled them into something with a narrative. The festival is huge and is spread out over several plateaus and fields, its in its 21st year and this comic strip is the briefest of snapshots of what went down Beyond the Border...

Interested? Here are some useful links to some of the spectacular
performers on show over the weekend...

Laura Simms

(I've done this sort of thing before but never this organised or
on this scale of which you can see more here, here and here.)


As a little blog extra, here are some mobile phone photos of the drawings in progress...

This is the rain battered book I was working in for the weekend...

The sketchbook is a record of the festival in itself.


Extra, extra...

Leaving Wakefield Friday morning.

Home for the weekend.

Set up in the rain.

And then the sun on Saturday made everything okay.

The feeding tent. This made the project possible.
(I couldn't afford to pay festival food prices all the time)

Look. People sitting around outside on a Sunday afternoon.
Listening to stories.

Yeah. More weather. Aint so bad.

Monday morning. The walk home back to reality.


Anonymous said...

How brilliant! (the comment might come twice!)

Heidi Dahlsveen

Sophie Snell said...

lovely! it was a wonderful weekend - and you picked some of the shows I missed so it was really nice to see this! sophie snell :)

Fiona Collins said...

Hey, John, Ben sent a link to your blog to our storytellers' email group Cybermouth: I nearly didn't look at it, but I'm really glad I did. I saw some of the things you saw and some other things too (and also missed some of the things you didn't) but I couldn't draw them the way you do!
What a great record of the festival ... many thanks/diolch yn fawr ...
Can you come to Aberystwyth next March for The Mabinogion event there? I think you would be really welcome ...It'll be storytellers and artist/illustrators (and is curated by Peter Stevenson, who is both)

jan said...

What a fantastic adventure John. Reading it felt like I was there. Thank you.