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Viking Table Top Design

The design is meant to be viewed from either side of a table by the players.

I'm back, drawing another Viking inspired illustration for Wakefield Museum. This one is for a table top in the Library and is to feature interesting Viking facts and a game to play.

The hand drawn and painted artwork is going to be enlarged to fit the table (1500 x 750mm) and I am working  at half size, which means breaking out the magnifying glass again to get the detail into the drawing.

I've pencilled the layout onto the watercolour paper, following a loose brief from the Museum and making the drawing up as I go along. 

I used 2b lead for the pencil drawing. Experience from doing the floor map showed me that the harder HB lead left a slight indentation in the paper when the graphite is erased. Not so much a problem for the naked eye but when the industrial scanner, scanning at high resolution is used at the print origination stage, they were picking up shadows from the pencil indentations. hopefu…

Beyond the Border Storytelling Festival 2014

I recently took my sketchbook and pens to Beyond the Borders Storytelling Festival at St. Donats Castle and Arts Centre in Wales, 4th -6th July 2014.
I made drawings and notes in situ over the weekend from the performances I saw and compiled them into something with a narrative. The festival is huge and is spread out over several plateaus and fields, its in its 21st year and this comic strip is the briefest of snapshots of what went down Beyond the Border...

Interested? Here are some useful links to some of the spectacular
performers on show over the weekend...

Beyond the Border St Donats Castle

Dominic Kelly Spice Arthur 702 Ben Haggarty Nicole et Martin Sam Lee and Friends