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Viking Map Illustration

The last few weeks I have been making a map for Wakefield One Museum for their upcoming display featuring the remains of a genuine Viking boat, to hopefully go on display in the near future.

My first approach was to draw the map digitally in Photoshop, the brief had lots of details and maps have to be accurate, don't they? My first attempt was rejected. I had it in my mind that the artwork had to be created actual size for it to look sharp for display (6m x 1.5m at approx 200dpi). My last few illustration jobs had been done digitally but it was becoming apparent from Museum feedback that they wanted the hand drawn quality.
The obvious go to reference for hand drawn Vikings is Peter firmin's Noggin the Nog. I also had a file of images the Museum thought might work and from that I found this... Which went a long way in influencing the way the sea and the towns were rendered on my map. I normally draw direct in pen and ink or use a light box but in this case had to pencil out th…