Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Chang is God!

What I Did Over Christmas (Fan Art)
With the lack of any thing halfway decent or original on the BBC iPlayer I ended up renting a few films over the Christmas period. Some of them were good, most of them were rubbish and very forgettable. One that has stayed with me is Only God Forgives, with its long silences, ultra violence and Ryan Gosling blinking, it adds up to an uncomfortable 90 minutes. It's exactly those same qualities (plus the beautiful photography) that make it so compulsive to watch. Traditionally in a gangster/fight film there’s a confrontation towards the end, the hero suffers crunching blows and after realising his lesson predictably walks (limps?) away victorious. Here, the camera spins, the music swells, fists are clenched and... the fight is over before it begins. This ‘epic’ fight is brilliant and possibly the most authentic thing in the film.