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inktober 2014

I started doing Inktober this year thinking it would be good to do something off the cuff. I got a few days in and real life started to happen to me, I missed a few days and have been trying to catch up ever since. Any how, above are the results. It hasn't got a title apart from The Prologue and is based on a James Bond themed dream of which there is a part two. Will October be long enough for me to draw it?

The Strain in the UK

I had written a few lines down regarding the idea of UKIP recently. 'No matter how white you think you are by supporting UKIP it's only a matter of time before they come for you, for not being white enough'. I've written and drawn before how much I enjoyed The Strain in books and tv, so when I keep seeing Nigel Farage with his huge gaping laughing face in the press it's not hard putting the two together.

Original pen and ink drawing scanned in at 1200dpi Black and White and then converted to RGB and resized to 300dpi at approx A3 size.


Pen drawing 'Multiplied' over flats.

Using Burn and Dodge tool.

Changing background colours.

Went with a blue background to complement the skin tones in the foreground.

Adding textures to break up the 'flat' Photoshop feeling.

Playing around more with colour and adding textures.

Tweaked colour of background characters to reinforce the gag.

And after all that colouring I prefer the black and white drawing.

This was how the drawing started out as a rough sketch.

The original drawing in the sketch book. Mainly drawn with dip-pen, brush and Indian ink, there are also brush pens and white ink thrown in there for good measure too.