George Clooney Oscar Acceptance Speech

On the treadmill this morning I got to thinking George Clooney will be contractually obliged to receive all the awards for Gravity in character, as commander Matt Kowalski floating untethered in a space suit.

That's an actual treadmill at the gym by the way, not a metaphorical one.

I saw Gravity in 3D a few weeks ago and was blown away by it. The glossy sheen of 3D Sfx, as seen in a lot of recent fantasy films was pared down, leaving the truest form of 3D I've seen on film. Don't get me wrong, 3D is not the saviour of cinema, allowing the industry to hike prices even higher for their regurgitated Hollywood offerings. The 3D worked in this instance because of the storytelling. I'm going to buy the 2D Blu Ray version to watch again, not because I want a 3D hit but because the storytelling in this instance is effective and satisfying to behold. The fact that it looks gorgeous and has a soundtrack for a heart beat only add to the experience.

I'll be interested in seeing Robert Redford's new film All Is Lost which seems to have a similar 'disaster' vibe, concentrating on the acting and mechanics of telling a darn good tale.


Staz Johnson said…

But rather annoying that I now feel guilted into joining a gym.........:-(

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