Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A New Wakefield Mythology Updated

Part of the purpose of the New Wakefield Mythology images was to stimulate  viewers into creative writing as part of the Wakefield Lit Fest. These acts of writing were collected on post cards and after a long process of reading and thinking 10 winners were found and their writing added to the drawings. The words give the images an added depth  and make me look at them with new eyes. And here they are...

Monday, 21 October 2013

Dr Who Exhibition: Time and Space

Red Riding Whood

Pugilist vs. Dalek

These are my contributions to this exhibition Doctor Who: Time and Space

I spent time today putting the prints into frames, clearing dust and particles and making them as presentable as possible. The drawings are a few years old but I don't think that many people have seen them,. \This is a chance for them to live a little bit longer.

I have tinkered with the layouts for them to fit the pre made frames and I have updated the Photoshop colour layer to take a little more texture. This was a printing concern as large flat areas of colour can be difficult to maintain without banding.

(See the original Red Riding Whood drawing here and the Pugilist vs. Dalek appeared on the Exdrawminate Blog in 2009 (ish).)