Work in Progress Westgate Unitarian Chapel

The Chapel is now tucked away behind the new Wakefield Civic Justice Centre building. I  like the look of the Chapel and have been on guided tours inside, it has burial vaults and a secret tunnel that absolutely no one else knows about. I am not sure where this drawing came from to be honest. I think it was a bit of a looking glass moment. Are we real or is the reflection in the Justice Centre the real world and we are but a phantastical reflection of it?

I sketched out the man in a row-boat a few times, I wanted him to look out of time and out of place. Using different pens helped me concentrate on getting the shape of the boat hull I wanted. He was then added to the image and using a lightbox drawn into the scene.

I experimented with using salt in the gray ink wash on this one, something I have not attempted for a long while. It's an over powering effect so I am glad I got rid of most of it digitally on the high resolution scan, whiting out the area where text is to be added at a later date.


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