A New Wakefield Mythology The Complete Set

Elephant and Castle

Merchant Gate

The Old Carnegie Library

The Art House

The Orangery

Westgate Unitarian Chapel

Unity Hall

Wakefield Prison

Wakefield Theatre

Westgate Train Station Green Door

In no particular order (I'll think about that later), here are the ten images for the Wakefield Lit Fest exhibition 'A New Wakefield Mythology'. They are not finished yet, they need story's added, there are blank areas in the drawings where I can add that in later on. Here's a bit from the Wakefield Lit Fest website about the next stage...

"John’s drawings will be on display throughout the festival period and we are inviting you to contribute your written ‘New Wakefield Mythologies’, inspired by John’s drawings. The winning entries will see their text incorporated into John’s artwork – and will win the final completed artwork for their efforts."

I am busy working on other bits of the project (print!), if you want to find out more head on over to the Wakefield Lit Fest website, lurk for awhile and have a think about Wakefield's New Mythologies.

The exhibition will run from 21 - 30 September 2013 at The Orangery and will feature the ten images above enlarged to A1 size. Which mean you will see a lot more detail than what you see here presented in tiny internet sizes.


jan said…
I like the insects in your drawings John. Look forward to seeing the exhibition during the Lit Fest in Wakey. Best wishes for that
Michael Duckett said…
Is there a way to get a print copy of these (I'm a bit of paper fetishist), or are they for exhibition only?

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