Saturday, 28 September 2013

Readings in a Northern City Wakefield Lit Fest

Part of North Day - a day of festival events exploring the concept of ‘North’.
"Join Beam Director Robert Powell, Lit Fest Writer in Residence Steve Dearden, Wakefield Civic Society and a host of specially invited guest readers in exploring Wakefield’s spaces and places through literature and verse. Get under the skin of what makes a northern city on this wide-ranging reading tour and walkabout of Wakefield."
Steve Dearden, Burgage Square. Reading part of his work in progress as Lit Fest writer in residence.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Colour Me A Grim Sky

I have not got the time to colour the greyscale 'A New Wakefield Mythology' images, they are at the printers being made into lovely A1 prints at this very moment for the Wakefield Lit Fest which starts 21st of September. But, if I did have the time they would look something like this image of The Orangery above.

Today has been a funny day of bad autumn weather and feeling of generally being unwell, so I had time to open the image up in Photoshop and have a play with it. The colour introduces another element, black and white photography is sometimes described as emotional where as colour photography is descriptive. The same is true with illustration.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A New Wakefield Mythology The Complete Set

Elephant and Castle

Merchant Gate

The Old Carnegie Library

The Art House

The Orangery

Westgate Unitarian Chapel

Unity Hall

Wakefield Prison

Wakefield Theatre

Westgate Train Station Green Door

In no particular order (I'll think about that later), here are the ten images for the Wakefield Lit Fest exhibition 'A New Wakefield Mythology'. They are not finished yet, they need story's added, there are blank areas in the drawings where I can add that in later on. Here's a bit from the Wakefield Lit Fest website about the next stage...

"John’s drawings will be on display throughout the festival period and we are inviting you to contribute your written ‘New Wakefield Mythologies’, inspired by John’s drawings. The winning entries will see their text incorporated into John’s artwork – and will win the final completed artwork for their efforts."

I am busy working on other bits of the project (print!), if you want to find out more head on over to the Wakefield Lit Fest website, lurk for awhile and have a think about Wakefield's New Mythologies.

The exhibition will run from 21 - 30 September 2013 at The Orangery and will feature the ten images above enlarged to A1 size. Which mean you will see a lot more detail than what you see here presented in tiny internet sizes.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Work in Progress The Orangery

Annnd Relaaaax! Is that a Magician or a Poet about to go through the gates of The Orangery which will be home to the Wakefield Lit Fest later this month. This is the tenth and final image for 'A  New Wakefield Mythology', now I have to size the images up to A1 ready for the printers.

Work in Progress Elephant & Castle on Westgate

I don't go to the pub that often simply because I have never been very good at drinking. Ironic really because there are a lot of fine pubs in Wakefield. What attracts me to the Elephant & Castle then is the detailed tiled frontage, it looks like it's from another era with its sepia coloured tiles, it creates an otherworldly image.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Work in Progress Westgate Unitarian Chapel

The Chapel is now tucked away behind the new Wakefield Civic Justice Centre building. I  like the look of the Chapel and have been on guided tours inside, it has burial vaults and a secret tunnel that absolutely no one else knows about. I am not sure where this drawing came from to be honest. I think it was a bit of a looking glass moment. Are we real or is the reflection in the Justice Centre the real world and we are but a phantastical reflection of it?

I sketched out the man in a row-boat a few times, I wanted him to look out of time and out of place. Using different pens helped me concentrate on getting the shape of the boat hull I wanted. He was then added to the image and using a lightbox drawn into the scene.

I experimented with using salt in the gray ink wash on this one, something I have not attempted for a long while. It's an over powering effect so I am glad I got rid of most of it digitally on the high resolution scan, whiting out the area where text is to be added at a later date.