Work in Progress The Old Library

The old Dury Lane Library was originally a free public Carnegie Library. It closed down and relocated to the shiny new Wakefield One building a few streets away. The idea of being able to get anything for free these days is a novelty. As everything is monetised to justify its place in  this world, being able to rent a book (or a graphic novel) for free still seems to be the height of of a civilised society. The internet purports to be free but our use of it is ever increasingly monitored and scrutinised by marketing wizards, concentrating on predicting and coercing our spending habits, and in doing so, making the world that little bit smaller.

These drawings for A New Wakefield Mythology will be on display at the Wakefield Lit Fest 21 to 30 September 2013. Check out the website, there are some interesting things going on, for instance comic artist Staz Johnson and horror author Darren Shan will be getting involved.


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