Monday, 12 August 2013

Work in Progress Wakefield Theatre Royal

A bit of research into theatre myths hi-lights the grey cloak and moths in spotlights. Not that those myths are associated with the Theatre Royal Wakefield in particular, but you know what a lot of superstitious, imaginative and over sensitive lot those actors are. My first take on the image was to have something peculiar coming out of the side exit, my second thought was ghouls in the windows of the upper bar. That would mean drawing really small characters and I wanted something big. Behind the luxuriant fa├žade of the theatre building there is something mythical going on, hidden from the everyday passers by on Westgate. You just have to step across the threshold to experience it.

I like the look of the theatre, it promises something otherworldly with the faces staring out from their portholes. The domed bit on the end is at a cross road and gives this entrance into Wakefield a bit of majesty, opposite is the equally grand Unity Hall, more of that later.

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CharmedLassie said...

Wow. I wish I had more adjectives but that's all I've got. Stunning in both conception and delivery.