Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Work in Progress Unity Hall

The idea of the New Mythologies project is for the images to stimulate a story within the viewers mind, however that works for the individual mind is fine. I am not presenting factual images, there are no conscious connections unless the subconscious has had a say in the matter, and if the viewer leaves and in their twilight years half remembers a giant octopus on top of Unity Hall, then that's fine by me.

I felt that the top image was not enough to spark a story and I had a feint image of lightening strikes hitting the tower but that felt wrong, it needed to be something... bigger. I had scanned the image thinking it finished, and set the new scan at 50% for the second image and liked the ethereal quality. Very Lovecraftian.

I have a memory of giant apes at the top of Blackpool Tower where there used to be a zoo, for years I would tell people this and be greeted with utter disbelief. It's only with the advent of the internet that I can half prove that there was a zoo up there, whether or not they had Apes, that's down to my memory as a child.

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