Wood Street Market Diary Page

This is a diary page for Wood Street Market, the first of which took place on Sunday 21st July 2013. The event came about with people who use the street wanting something to happen, with the age of social networking well and truly upon us it slowly, but surely, came about. I attended, with the aim of wandering around for a few hours drinking some coffee, eating some cake and maybe taking a few photos. I did all that, although there was so much going on I could have made another 10 pages. So above is really only the briefest of snapshots of what went on, on the day.

More Wood Street Markets are planned for August and September so keep an eye on that Twitter for more information.

The original artwork is drawn with dip pen and ink, with watercolour over the top, a bit of coloured pencil was thrown in for good luck. A2 in size (594 x 420mm), this is the digitally cleaned up and enhanced version. It is still a bit difficult to appreciate on a small screen so here are a few close up details from it...

I have been posting work in progress photos on Twitter and Facebook. I knew the image was going to take a few days to write and colour so after the initial lightbox inking I set up camp in Helen's studio shed (room for two) in the garden. 

Ta-da! Mr Antonio Zip was there, miming his way throughout the day interacting
with the crowd and was the first person to mime good morning to me at 9am.


Great stuff as always.

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