Late at Night in the Shed...

It's late, and I'm 'patching' an illustration that I started today. 

There are bits that are over worked with cross hatching and the image has become too 'heavy'.
Redrawing the bits I am not happy with, a balcony, a cat and a crow.

When I am happy with the redrawing I cut them out and stick them
down over the bits on the original that I am not happy with. 

I 'white out' any bits of the initial drawing that I don't want protruding around the patch and trim the new drawings out with a 10A Swan Morton scalpel and 'edge' them with a permanent marker pen.

This helps the patch not look so 'stuck' on the page.
Then it's Pritt sticking the pieces into place over the bad drawing.
When it's scanned and sized for printing in Photoshop you will have to look hard for the 'mistakes'.

(NB. Due to austerity measures, colour is turned off in the North after 10pm).


jan said…
what evocative photos style very like your illustrations; the use of contrast and shadow.
Oh I wondered why everything went black after 10pm! You've solved a mystery for me, thanks. Jan.

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