Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Work in Progress The Art House

The Art House in Wakefield is next door to the old library but has a totally different architectural feel to it. (This is a view from the Mulberry Road side, I wonder if  that has anything to do with the Prison and the Mulberry Bush children's rhyme, which is said to originate from Wakefield Prison not very far away?)

My bike is old and bits fall off and are replaced at regular intervals, it's getting on for 12 years of loyal bumpy Wakefield road service. I love bicycles, their design and purpose are nigh on perfect in my opinion. 

Friday, 23 August 2013

Work in Progress Wakefield Prison

Waiting in the corner for the right moment. It takes a lot of concentration. I went to the top of the new Merchant Gate multi-story car park to look down on the Prison, It's not that far away. Although it is another world away from what I know of prison life. A high view point suggested freedom, a birds eye view, something that had the ability to fly away if necessary, the exact opposite of what a the prison is even with it's pretty looking clock tower.

I wasn't sure where I was going with this image, I knew I wanted part of the prison in there. It wasn't until the next day running on a treadmill that I could see my drawing, this time framed by a claustrophobic car interior.

Work in Progress The Old Library

The old Dury Lane Library was originally a free public Carnegie Library. It closed down and relocated to the shiny new Wakefield One building a few streets away. The idea of being able to get anything for free these days is a novelty. As everything is monetised to justify its place in  this world, being able to rent a book (or a graphic novel) for free still seems to be the height of of a civilised society. The internet purports to be free but our use of it is ever increasingly monitored and scrutinised by marketing wizards, concentrating on predicting and coercing our spending habits, and in doing so, making the world that little bit smaller.

These drawings for A New Wakefield Mythology will be on display at the Wakefield Lit Fest 21 to 30 September 2013. Check out the website, there are some interesting things going on, for instance comic artist Staz Johnson and horror author Darren Shan will be getting involved.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Work in Progress Unity Hall

The idea of the New Mythologies project is for the images to stimulate a story within the viewers mind, however that works for the individual mind is fine. I am not presenting factual images, there are no conscious connections unless the subconscious has had a say in the matter, and if the viewer leaves and in their twilight years half remembers a giant octopus on top of Unity Hall, then that's fine by me.

I felt that the top image was not enough to spark a story and I had a feint image of lightening strikes hitting the tower but that felt wrong, it needed to be something... bigger. I had scanned the image thinking it finished, and set the new scan at 50% for the second image and liked the ethereal quality. Very Lovecraftian.

I have a memory of giant apes at the top of Blackpool Tower where there used to be a zoo, for years I would tell people this and be greeted with utter disbelief. It's only with the advent of the internet that I can half prove that there was a zoo up there, whether or not they had Apes, that's down to my memory as a child.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Work in Progress Merchant Gate

There's a new development in Wakefield called Merchant Gate where this drawing is set. A new gate way to the city and as you know, for some gateways you need a key!

The original ink drawing is A3 420 x 297mm, if you look closely at the crows tail you can make out the patching I was rambling on about in the previous post to this, the cat and the balcony on the left are a little less obvious.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Late at Night in the Shed...

It's late, and I'm 'patching' an illustration that I started today. 

There are bits that are over worked with cross hatching and the image has become too 'heavy'.
Redrawing the bits I am not happy with, a balcony, a cat and a crow.

When I am happy with the redrawing I cut them out and stick them
down over the bits on the original that I am not happy with. 

I 'white out' any bits of the initial drawing that I don't want protruding around the patch and trim the new drawings out with a 10A Swan Morton scalpel and 'edge' them with a permanent marker pen.

This helps the patch not look so 'stuck' on the page.
Then it's Pritt sticking the pieces into place over the bad drawing.
When it's scanned and sized for printing in Photoshop you will have to look hard for the 'mistakes'.

(NB. Due to austerity measures, colour is turned off in the North after 10pm).

Monday, 12 August 2013

Work in Progress Wakefield Theatre Royal

A bit of research into theatre myths hi-lights the grey cloak and moths in spotlights. Not that those myths are associated with the Theatre Royal Wakefield in particular, but you know what a lot of superstitious, imaginative and over sensitive lot those actors are. My first take on the image was to have something peculiar coming out of the side exit, my second thought was ghouls in the windows of the upper bar. That would mean drawing really small characters and I wanted something big. Behind the luxuriant fa├žade of the theatre building there is something mythical going on, hidden from the everyday passers by on Westgate. You just have to step across the threshold to experience it.

I like the look of the theatre, it promises something otherworldly with the faces staring out from their portholes. The domed bit on the end is at a cross road and gives this entrance into Wakefield a bit of majesty, opposite is the equally grand Unity Hall, more of that later.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Work in Progress A New Wakefield Mythology

Here is the first image in the series A New Wakefield Mythology for the Wakefield Lit Fest.
Writing is to be added later in the top left hand corner at a later date.

Drawn A3 size in dip pen and ink with a gray ink wash over the top,
which you can see being applied in these progress shots below.
I did an experiment with applying colour but the gray scale worked better.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Wood Street Market Diary Page

This is a diary page for Wood Street Market, the first of which took place on Sunday 21st July 2013. The event came about with people who use the street wanting something to happen, with the age of social networking well and truly upon us it slowly, but surely, came about. I attended, with the aim of wandering around for a few hours drinking some coffee, eating some cake and maybe taking a few photos. I did all that, although there was so much going on I could have made another 10 pages. So above is really only the briefest of snapshots of what went on, on the day.

More Wood Street Markets are planned for August and September so keep an eye on that Twitter for more information.

The original artwork is drawn with dip pen and ink, with watercolour over the top, a bit of coloured pencil was thrown in for good luck. A2 in size (594 x 420mm), this is the digitally cleaned up and enhanced version. It is still a bit difficult to appreciate on a small screen so here are a few close up details from it...

I have been posting work in progress photos on Twitter and Facebook. I knew the image was going to take a few days to write and colour so after the initial lightbox inking I set up camp in Helen's studio shed (room for two) in the garden. 

Ta-da! Mr Antonio Zip was there, miming his way throughout the day interacting
with the crowd and was the first person to mime good morning to me at 9am.