Fox Hunter...

More concept type art for that project I am doing in the background. I am trying to judge the tone of the illustrations, which might or might not be expanded into a Graphic Novel. It might be time to talk to the writer to see where they would like to take it. I like using a brush pen and it works best when I am not thinking. I loose the spontaneity when I think about it too much, or I am asked to put too much into one frame. I like it as a drawing tool because it forces me to simplify, where I often worry that my dip pen and ink technique  of late gets too fussy and caught up in the details. It also reminds me of Dave McKean's brush pen style. (Although having just Googled McKean's work for a useful hyper-link for you dear reader, his work looks nothing like mine. His is the work of a genius and the only thing in common is... the brush pen and Photoshop.

This is a scribbly page layout done in a few minutes in between other things today. I had the image in my head for a flowing page starting out all Huckleberry Finn and country lanes following the foxes into the sights of a hidden sniper. I say I had the idea, it's not that far off from what the writer described.

Anyway that's what I have been up to today in-between finishing off the last few pages for The Ridings diary project, I will post them as soon as they are in a fit state to see the light of day.


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