Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A New Wakefield Mythology

Here are some reference photos for something I am working on speculatively titled 'A New Wakefield Mythology' for the Wakefield Literary Festival in September. I spent the morning creeping around Unity Hall on Westgate gathering photo reference, as rain fell for the first time in weeks upon the Halls leaking roof adding to the dusty atmosphere inside. Decades of varying use have resulted in a maze of corridors within the building. Some of it lit by daylight and electricity some of it lit by darkness. If I were a ghost, I could do a lot worse than hang out in the corridors of Unity Hall for eternity.

The horror and the smell of evil from the Buffet Room is still with me after two showers and a large mug of nerve steadying coffee. Pigeons rule that particular wing and have given up trying to fly, they scuttle about the floor dragging their claws just out of periphery vision whispering... 'You, you, you are next if you don't go away'.

Thanks to Darren at Architecture 1B for organising access and for Andrew the archaeological surveyor for showing us around the nicer bits. It is an experience I shall not forget.


Anonymous said...


The results of you creeping around (how!!) are superb. I want to keep in touch.

Chris Hill (Development Director of Unity Hall)

Staz Johnson said...

Takes me back. I saw bands like Iron Maiden & Slade play in the Unity Hall back in the early 80's.