View from on High

The spelling of climbed jumps out to haunt me for internet eternity.

Today was a scorcher. Spent some time on top of The Ridings taking reference photos from the car-parks of a view which will hopefully become one of the pages for the exhibition in September. Up there looking down on the world it reminded me of a drawing I did for the short lived Awakefield Diary I self published in 2004. I was drawing the diary as I went about my business each day, without any planning or context, and using a thick 2mm pen calligraphic pen to make my marks with.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. At the time I thought I was doing something important with my drawing. Looking back through the sketch book I tore the page from the drawings in there are really bad, without enough content or context to keep anyone interested.


jan said…
hey John, were you singing the Goffin-King song 'Up on the Roof', whilst you were up there? The Drifters version is the hit; but I like Carole King's own version, more personal and nostalgic.

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