Friends in the City

Here are another couple of pages for The Ridings 'Week in the Life Of'' project. These were drawn together and kind of sum up the 'who do you really know' when you are in the heart of a city. I am constantly surprised at the lack of people I know when I walk through the city centre, Expecting a wave of a quick hello from a friend or a colleague. I don't work traditional office hours and I know people across all classes, I do occasionally bump into people to say hello too, which says more about my social circles than the friendliness or popularity of a community.

It must be noted that the second page is a lesson in drawing comic strips, cinema or writing and visuals in general. I had the images before I had the writing and struggled like hell to come up with a cohesive way of presenting them with words around them. Words First then pictures!

“Beware of artists. They mix with all classes of society and are therefore most dangerous."

- Queen Victoria (Maybe, there's evidence that it may be King Leopold who said something similar in a letter  to Vicky?)


Staz Johnson said…
Lovely stuff again John. The reflection of the cathedral in BHS's windows is exquisite.
John Welding said…
Thanks Staz, I've sat on the cathedral steps looking at that reflection for many years now.

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