Work in Progress...

As soon as I finished drawing independent shops for Unique Wakefield I set about drawing a set of pages for The Ridings 30th Anniversary for this September. Although 85% there I haven't settled on all the diary page elements yet and feel the above page is still a bit of a work in progress. With a lot of my work I want to see what comes from doing the drawings rather than just copying a process. The Ridings is different from my outside drawing projects in that everything is undercover away from the elements and man made from not that very long ago, it does sport some interesting architecture and the amount of land it sits (on according to Google Satellite Maps) is huge. Although I am trying not to reproduce the process I am taking the same route as I did with the Wakefield Civic Society pages I did back in November 2012 and producing finished artwork in dip pen and ink and watercolour (332 x 242mm) which will then be enlarged for display purposes.


Really great stuff here, John.

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