Thursday, 23 May 2013

Work in Progress Photoshop Colour Enhancements

Scan of Original Watercolour Artwork
Photoshop Enhanced Artwork

When I started doing these pages I wanted to keep the Photoshop element to a minimum, maybe a little colour enhancement here and a colour tweak there, but no flashy effects to distract the eye. This page I felt needed a bit more than the casual PS glance. My watercolour technique is pretty basic and I felt that the original page  needed a bit more atmospheric perspective to some of the Shopping Centre cavernous depths. Applying those type of things in Photoshop is fairly easy using the selection tool and filters, only thing is it's such a nice effect I want to revisit the previous pages and apply it to them now.

The finished pages will be displayed along side enlargements of the artwork in an exhibition in September celebrating 30 years of The Ridings Shopping Centre.

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