Thursday, 23 May 2013

Work in Progress Photoshop Colour Enhancements

Scan of Original Watercolour Artwork
Photoshop Enhanced Artwork

When I started doing these pages I wanted to keep the Photoshop element to a minimum, maybe a little colour enhancement here and a colour tweak there, but no flashy effects to distract the eye. This page I felt needed a bit more than the casual PS glance. My watercolour technique is pretty basic and I felt that the original page  needed a bit more atmospheric perspective to some of the Shopping Centre cavernous depths. Applying those type of things in Photoshop is fairly easy using the selection tool and filters, only thing is it's such a nice effect I want to revisit the previous pages and apply it to them now.

The finished pages will be displayed along side enlargements of the artwork in an exhibition in September celebrating 30 years of The Ridings Shopping Centre.

Drawing in The Ridings

The coloured version of that drawing I did the other day.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Sanctuary That is WH Smith's

Another diary page for the week in the life of The Ridings and a bit more of a personal view of mall life. I must of been about 14 years old when I discovered that WH Smith's Bletchley was open and I could get to it after school. It had pretty much all I ever needed as a kid, comics, books and music. Pretty  much what I survive on today culturally, 33 years later.

This is the dip pen and ink line workfor the page as I haven't got around to water colouring this one up yet.

The drawing below that pretty much sums up my working process for this and most of my drawing projects, me running around with a note book and camera scribbling away my observations.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Work in Progress...

As soon as I finished drawing independent shops for Unique Wakefield I set about drawing a set of pages for The Ridings 30th Anniversary for this September. Although 85% there I haven't settled on all the diary page elements yet and feel the above page is still a bit of a work in progress. With a lot of my work I want to see what comes from doing the drawings rather than just copying a process. The Ridings is different from my outside drawing projects in that everything is undercover away from the elements and man made from not that very long ago, it does sport some interesting architecture and the amount of land it sits (on according to Google Satellite Maps) is huge. Although I am trying not to reproduce the process I am taking the same route as I did with the Wakefield Civic Society pages I did back in November 2012 and producing finished artwork in dip pen and ink and watercolour (332 x 242mm) which will then be enlarged for display purposes.

Unique Wakefield Illustrations

Those Wakefield independent shops and the buildings they inhabit all in one place.

I was asked recently by Unique Wakefield if I would like to illustrate some of the independent shops and businesses that contribute to the Unique Wakefield Guide. Issue 2 should be out soon.

Unique Wakefield Guide no. 2. A free city guide now available from independent outlets and Wakefield tourist information centre.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Cafe Mocca Moocho

10 Cross Square, Mocca Moocho
36 Carter Street, Robin Taylor Fine Art

Work in progress for Unique Wakefield, pen and ink drawings.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Jam and Breeze 49 - 51 Northgate

Work in progress. More shops for the Unique Wakefield project, gift and greeting card shop Jam and ladies wear and accessories boutique, Breeze. If you are interested, I am posting the original black and white drawings over on the Wakefield Sketch blog.