Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Anxiety Dream Time

A few pages from my sketchbook comped together to try and make some kind of narrative. And below, a few close up details of the page. I wasn’t going to show you the raw Moleskine sketchbook, it feels really messy but after a few days I think it can stand up in the light of day, so much so that I now prefer it to the what now seem over worked finished pages.

(Nb. The backdrop to those last few photos is an old piece of cloth that I use to catch random spray from the scratchy dip pen I am 'favoriting' at the moment. It's about 22 years old and was bought from an ethnicy type shop back in Bletchley. Also worthy of note today, for this post I tried to use Windows Live Writer, thinking that enough time had passed for them to sort the 'Can't publish file error:500' that seemed to mysteriously appear last year. Still not sorted after an hour of trying to make it work I gave up and had coffee and lots of cake.)

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