Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Frank Bird (Menswear)

Although the Unique Wakefield drawings are a commercial project I am trying to draw the independent shops that occupy buildings that have a bit of character about them. The building where Frank Bird Ltd resides definitely has that. The slate roof tops and the elaborate brick decoration for holding wooden guttering in place are wonderful examples of story book type textures. The wooden guttering may still be there, even with detail close ups from my camera I can't quiet make them out.

Frank Bird, 13-17 Cross Square

Monday, 29 April 2013

Unique Wakefield Work in Progress

Cobblers, 103 Westgate

I am working with Unique Wakefield, drawing some of the independent shops in Wakefield. The line work
for the chosen shops is done and I am now colouring them with Photoshop. The images were drawn with dip pen and ink at home from my dodgy reference photographs.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Doodling Helps...

As I write and draw to day so much terrible news from America about Boston and Texas, and over here they are still debating 'Thatcher Land' on the radio. I should be doing something important but I end up doodling owls and mice instead.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Anxiety Dream Time

A few pages from my sketchbook comped together to try and make some kind of narrative. And below, a few close up details of the page. I wasn’t going to show you the raw Moleskine sketchbook, it feels really messy but after a few days I think it can stand up in the light of day, so much so that I now prefer it to the what now seem over worked finished pages.

(Nb. The backdrop to those last few photos is an old piece of cloth that I use to catch random spray from the scratchy dip pen I am 'favoriting' at the moment. It's about 22 years old and was bought from an ethnicy type shop back in Bletchley. Also worthy of note today, for this post I tried to use Windows Live Writer, thinking that enough time had passed for them to sort the 'Can't publish file error:500' that seemed to mysteriously appear last year. Still not sorted after an hour of trying to make it work I gave up and had coffee and lots of cake.)