Friday, 23 November 2012

Wakefield by John Welding

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Just got back from the printers ordering the prints for the Wednesday night ArtWalk. I will now have sleepless nights until Monday when they should be ready for collection and looking beautiful. In the meantime here is a bit of blurb to explain what's going on...
The illustrator John Welding started using the Wakefield Civic Society Blue Plaques to make his unique diary pages in an attempt to make personal memories and record the changing environment where he lives and works. His drawings are a mix of illustration, comic strips and words and the Blue Plaques were ideal as a starting point and drawing catalyst for this new body of work. 
The pages are drawn in a comic strip or picture book style, which John is known for with his previous diary projects. Sometimes the artist features in person or sometimes as narrator in an autobiographical role, taking the viewer through his daily experiences. Sometimes there is something profound to say, more often than not it’s just an everyday observation, but then it is the everyday that link us on a personal level. 
Extremes of Hi and low tech methods go into making the pages. The research is where the story or experience is initially created using a camera and sketch book at a particular site. Back at home, layouts are created with Photoshop and a Light box. More traditionally, and for John more enjoyably, the finished pages are made drawing direct with dip pen & ink and watercolour and even a bit of collage thrown in for good measure when things go wrong. 
John Welding has exhibited with Wakefield Art Gallery and illustrated The Battle of Wakefield for Wakefield Museum. He has illustrated 35 semi-permanent Street banners in and around Agbrigg & Belle Vue. He has contributed to the national children’s comic The Phoenix and collaborates with The Faceless Company on Wakefield community projects.

Wakefield by John Welding
A series of personal illustrated dairy pages in an exhibition of enlarged prints and original artwork inspired by the vantage points of the Wakefield Civic Society Blue Plaques

The work can be seen at the Wakefield Civic Society, Wakefield Media Centre, 19 King Street as part of the Wakefield ArtWalk held on Wednesday 28th November 2012  5-9PM.

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